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Peaceable Kingdom Blue Plate Scramble

You need a good memory to play this restaurant game. First you put out five pairs of “plate” cards with food on them. Turn them over and while the timer is going try to remember what foods are on all the pairs. Ready? Turn them over so you cannot see the images. Next, turn the smaller food cards over and quickly try to match and place the food cards on the right pairs. Now you are ready to turn over the food plates and see how well you matched them. For any pair that do not match the food cards, put an angry customer card on the playing board. The game ends when there are five angry customers. A fun variation on the classic game of concentration and by the way, one that younger players are likely to play with greater ease and success than adults. 5 & up

Ages: early school years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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