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Janod Happy Birthday Puzzle

(Janod $16.00)

Going to a birthday party? Here’s a gift any birthday girl or boy will relish. It’s a giant 36-piece puzzle featuring a birthday party with cake, balloons, and kids having a celebration. The finished puzzle is a almost 20” x 16” and the cardboard pieces are big and easier for little hands to fit together. What’s new here is a paper mat that is a replica of the puzzle, so for starters, kids can match the puzzle pieces to the mat. Since the puzzle is shaped like a house the puzzle mat will be helpful the first few times. Kids like to do their puzzles more than once. Eventually they will be able to do this one without the mat, perhaps using the image on the box as the only guide and eventually even without the picture. Packed in a sturdy round case with a handle and slide lock, this is a beautifully crafted storage box that will keep the pieces in one place, making it a puzzle they can return to again and again. Marked 4-7, we expect 4s and 5s will need some help in getting this going the first-time around.

Ages: preschool, early school

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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