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Educational Insights Wiggle Waggle Whiskers Game

(Educational Insights $21.99)

Remember playing the old dot and line game when you tried to close the most number of boxes and put your initial in it? This is an update on that game. Instead of pencil and paper, each player has a supply of orange or blue plastic walls (some short, some bent, some long) and either blue pups or yellow kittens. Players take turns placing a piece of wall in the base with grids. When you close a square, you place one of your pets in it and you get an extra turn or more until you can’t make any more squares. Play continues until there are no more squares to be made and the winner is the one with the most pets in the squares. A fun game for two that will help sharpen strategy skills as kids discover the need to look ahead and see the possibilities. Marked for 4 and up. We think it may be hard for many 4s; it’s probably a better choice for early school age kids of 5-8 who are ready for beginning strategy games.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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