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Mudpuppy How Does Your Garden Grow?

(Mudpuppy $17.99)

This clever planting game for little gardeners is a game of chance that involves color matching, turn taking, and remembering a few rules. Players each have a playing board that resembles a garden row. Players draw seeds and put them on their playing boards. Now they take turns drawing cards trying to find six that match the seeds on their playing boards. If they draw a helper card, typical garden helpers (like bees, and ladybugs) then the player is in luck and can draw two cards. But watch out! There are pest cards--you know, the usual garden pests—rabbits, moles, raccoons. If you get one of them, you have to give up one of your plant cards. There are a few other rules that will need an adult to guide, but it's a nice family game for mixed ages involving color matching and some strategy with no need to weed or water the garden. A good choice for 4-7 year olds.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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