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Strictly Briks Brik Buster Toppling Tower Game

(Strictly Briks $29.99)

We had good fun stacking this the Briks and floors into a five story tower of Briks. Now, the best part begins. Using the lightweight toy hammer players take turns knocking out a stack of Briks without making the whole structure fall. Choosing the stack to tap takes some strategy and players soon discover the best way to stay in the game. A god choice for mixed age players with lots of rounds of play. Rebuilding takes thinking skills as well as cooperation. Aside from playing this game, kids can use the Briks for constructions. Game comes with 133 stackable pieces. The bricks are compatible with larger pegged bricks such as DUPLO and Megabloks. Marked 3-93. We’d say 3s will like using the hammer, but to build a tower and decide how to knock it down, it’s a better choice for older 4s and up.

Ages: Preschool, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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