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Thames & Kosmos Dig It! Dinos Kits

(Thames and Kosmos $12.99 and up)

Paleontologist-style dig sets have long been popular for kids of a certain age. Maybe it’s the mystery-of-history that excites kids as they discover how scientists have dug up the past in ancient sites. For years, these kinds of dig kits were made with plaster that presented a dust hazard for children’s eyes. We only reviewed kits that came with protective glasses BUT the Thames and Kosmos kits provide a new and clever way around that old danger. This Dig It kit uses a dust free composition. Diggers wet the plaster block with the sponge and then dig with the tools provided. The plaster in this set is brownish-tan like the earth and pieces of it can be chipped away and hammered with no dust flying. There is potential for messiness, in fact, the directions wisely tell kids to use newspaper under their dig and if possible work out of doors. That said, this is a remarkably neat dig to do and the tooth we retrieved was a satisfying reward for our efforts. Like other kits in the Dig It collection, this one comes with clear instructions plus some background reading on fossils, the science of digs, and a treasure—in this case—one really big replica of a T-Rex tooth. This is just one of many themed sets that young scientist will dig. We think they will like the Glow in the Dark Dino digs and the Dig it Rocks set will also be of interest. 7and up.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018

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