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Mattel Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle

(Mattel $54.99)

It’s an ambulance with siren (a loud one) and lights to get Barbie to medical emergencies fast. But this is no ordinary ambulance. Push the lever and the vehicle opens and converts into a big clinic that is two feet wide with a waiting room, gift shop, and most important of all...a treatment center with exam bed and diagnostic equipment plus medical supplies. A miniature play setting for role playing doctor and nurse. It's big enough for Barbie to drive, but remember, neither Barbie doll or batteries for the siren and lights come with the vehicle. Marked 36 months to 7 years. We'd say the sweet spot for this and all the little accessories would be more like 5-7.

SNAP: A small medical setting that can be useful for playing through some emotional feelings for all children and especially those who frequently need

medical attention. Unlike Doctor kits, this miniature setting allows the "treatment" to be once removed through doll play. Dramatic play is one way to help children talk through some of their fears and feelings about these events.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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