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Insect Lore Ladybug Land Kit

(Insect Lore $24.99)

Kids will love watching the Ladybug Larvae hatch inside the small domed habitat. You get a voucher that you use (+ $7.95 shipping fee) to receive 10-13 ladybug larvae in the mail. Put them into the habitat, use the dropper to wet the sponge in the “volcano” and in a few days, the little red and black ladybugs will be on the move. In fact, after your child has enjoyed them for a few days, transfer them to the garden, where they will do their work, eating aphids, and other insects like mites and scale insects, garden pests. Farmers and serious gardeners welcome these hungry little ladybugs! Or, if you prefer, Insect Lore makes a Butterfly Farm ($39.99), works the same way. Use the voucher to send for five baby caterpillars and the food they need. There’s no fee for shipping, but be on the lookout for them. Don’t let them sit in the package when they arrive. They grow an amazing ten times their size before they form chrysalides! Inside the habitat. Watch for a few days and then please release them in the garden or park. 4-6

Activity Idea: Keep a simple log with the date to record the changes. Use your phone camera to record the progress and have kids draw pictures of the changes they see. Early school age kids can write about their observations. Preschoolers can dictate as you write what they see and say about it.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2019

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