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Disney Blast-off Buzz Lightyear

(Disney $19.99)

There is a flood of Toy Story 4 related products. Of them all, we liked this mid-priced Blast-Off Buzz best (try saying that four times fast!) He's one guy that won't break the bank. If you need more than one, you'll find Buzz and his buddies at almost every price point. Plain posable ones will not be more than $10, but for twice that, we think this Blast-of version is cool. Push his legs together and you’ll see what we mean—Buzz Lightyear’s wings pop out! No ordinary action figure, this one has both lights and sound. Press his chest gear and he lights up and beeps and speaks! There is also a Walking Buzz ($22.99) but be forewarned...he’s a slow walker. Also, a fun novelty souvenir for the new Toy Story 4 movie and a quieter replay, consider the posable Dinosuar, Rex ($11.99) with snap-on tail and leg. His mouth opens and shuts and his arms and legs move. Also nice, and even less pricey, a very active, Woody Posable figure($9.99) with arms, legs and neck that turn and a hat to top him off with, as stories are replayed.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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