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Educational Insights Design and Drill Convertible

Preschoolers will have a great sense of accomplishment using the working toy drill to assemble this little convertible. Adults will need to load the three AAA batteries and the bit and demo how the switch on the drill works two ways— to put the 15 big bolts in and to get them out. Once built the toy can be played with as a working vehicle or they will more likely take it apart and put it together again. It’s something like a puzzle that they will like mastering. Preschoolers are likely to need help with getting the flower power sticker off the sheet and onto the convertible that looks oddly like a VW for Hippies of the 60s. Designed in colors that will appeal to girls. Marked for 3+. We’d say some 3s will have the dexterity to do this, but we’re betting it will be a better bet for 4s and 5s. If they like this, they will also like the larger and more challenging three-piece, Design and Drill Train ($39.99) in gender free primary colors with lights and sounds. This is coming later in the season. Like the car, this comes with a motorized drill (requires 5 AAA batteries) and 25 bolts to put together. There are 13 snap-on parts, and a conductor, as well. Building toys like these develop children’s fine motor skills and working at doable tasks builds their sense of can-do power. Once assembled there’s a train that’s ready for pretend play. Again, marked for 3 +, but more apt to be something 4s can learn to master with greater ease after a demo or two. If this is a gift, be sure to add the batteries.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Young Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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