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eeBoo Votes for Women Puzzle

On this 100th anniversary of the suffragette’s victory, it seems appropriate to celebrate women’s right to vote. The diverse faces and names of some of those who led the struggle are illustrated on this handsome 500-piece round puzzle. It’s not easy, but a good choice for a family project. Set up a table where family members can stop and do a bit now and then until you gradually complete the task. Those faces might spark curiosity. How about looking up a few of these leaders on the internet. Kids may be surprised to discover how long it took for women to have a voice. An informational poster is included with the puzzle. Also, see eeboo’s Votes For Women Flash Cards, using the same illustrations as the puzzle and with a brief story of each on the back of each card. Tweens and Teens.

Ages: Tweens and Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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