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Gender-Free Craft Kits – Crunching Time in the Age of Social Distancing

By now, the novelty of no school is getting old and separation from schoolmates and busy routines is becoming more challenging every day. Finding meaningful off-screen entertainment is more important than ever. For school aged kids, crafts can be both entertaining, engrossing, and even educational. And the good news is, many of the new products arriving at our office offer some great options for both boys and girls.

Traditionally, most craft kits were designed to appeal to girls—jewelry, knitting, embroidering, etc. All too often, boys’ interests in creative activities have been neglected or narrowly defined. Happily, this season we are seeing a wonderful array of gender free craft kits that reverse old and worn-out expectations.

Both boys and girls will like painting and then using MIndware's Rocket Light that turns into a quiet glow of a night light. How about making their own Creativity for Kids Water Globes filled with goodies. Bird watchers of either gender will enjoy watching birds visit the small Mindware Birdhouse Kit that kids assemble and paint. Take pictures while they assemble a Creativity for Kids Terrarium and keep a record as it sprouts and grows. For a more pretend setting with glow-in-the-dark features, there's Creativity for Kids Turtle Lagoon.

Crafts kits are more than a way to fill the hours we are all spending at home...crafts are an excellent way for kids to refine their fine motor skills, build their reading comprehension skills, as they read and re-read directions, and to add their own creativity. These are all skills kids need—whatever their gender. These are kits that especially appeal to school age kids; they produce end products that kids enjoy making, playing with and/or showing off with pride.

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