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eeBoo Koala Bounce Game

(eeBoo $21.99)

Players move their koala playing pieces from branch to branch after they draw a card that tell them what color, number, or shape they should land on. But watch out! If a koala lands where your koala is resting, you’re going to have to bounce off and give that player any one of the cards you have collected. AND you don’t want to draw an OOPS card or you bounce down to the ground and have to give the player to your right can take any one of your cards! (Our tester family left this card out, feeling that taking cards away from other players could make for some bad feelings. The game works perfectly well without that distraction. ) Players get to keep the cards they draw and win by collecting a set of different cards in one category. In a 2 person game you need 7 different cards; a 3 way game you need to collect 5 cards and a 4 way game you need six. The game is marked 3 and up but we'd say it's a better bet for kindergarteners and early school age kids. Since it deals with three attributes, younger players will likely need help sorting them to collect a winning hand. That said, Koala Bounce combines color, shapes and numbers—a playful way to reinforce basic skills.

Ages: Preschool, Younger Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020

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