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Healthy Roots Doll Zoe Girl

Every once in a while, we hear from a new company that’s doing something extra special, something noteworthy. Zoe, is that! She’s a beautiful 18-inch girl of color doll that we think school age girls of every ethnicity will love. She’s dressed in wonderful overall shorts with a big heart, a white tee, and bright yellow sneakers. Wonderfully natural hair is her crowning glory. She's the same size as the American Girl doll (so her clothes fit), Zoe's limbs move and her torso is soft. Years ago when we were starting out reviewing, there were very few dolls of color. On the way to a TV set in LA, a TV producer looked at the one we brought to talk about and said, “Oh, I always wanted a doll that looked like me...” This doll also reminded me of Chris Rock’s film and his young daughter’s longing for so-called “good hair” and his hope to help them see that what they had was and is good, even beautiful hair. Zoe’s founder, Yelitsa Jean-Charles, created a doll that confirms that view. Zoe has made such a hit that she’s been on pre-order until October. We hope she’ll be available in stores, but for now, you will have to go to the website to find her. We think girls

6 and up will love her!

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020

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