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Manhattan Toy Create Your Own Wee Baby Stella Doll

We’ve given our top award, our Platinum Seal Award to Baby Stella dolls for years. It’s a perfect toddler doll for hugging and early pretend play. And now, they’ve made a wonderful toy even even better! Now you can order a customized Baby Stella. It’s a 11.5” big baby doll and you decide the skin tone, hair style, and outfit to make your own unique soft lovable baby doll. The Create Your Own Wee Baby Stella dolls are found only on the Manhattan Toy website. There are currently 10 different doll styles and six outfits available through their Create Your Own Wee Baby Stella doll customizer. Each set includes a doll that comes with their signature magnetic pacifier and a black and white patterned onesie, an adorable outfit and comes packages to perfection. All for $37.00. 12 months+ We have other Baby Stellas on our website. If you want a customized one here is the link for ordering.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020

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