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Creativity for Kids Crystal Space Terrarium

This cleverly designed terrarium is designed to look like a UFO. BY simply adding hot water to the crystal growing chemicals, the liquid. grows and turns in to a solid in just 24 hours. Once the crystals are grown kids carefully add them to the UFO along with other decorative stickers and moon rocks and alien passenger. Load the lid with two triple AAA batteries. Once in place, press the rounded lid to light up the terrarium and make the crystals glow. NOTE: This is a parent child project that involves chemicals that can be dangerous if not properly handled. It's an excellent STEM Craft Kit that introduces big concepts with hands on experiences. As you use this together take time to talk about the transformation of the powder that turns in to a liquid solution when water is added and ultimately grows into colorful crystals that are solid. While you are working on the crystal idea, try making some with table salt and water or sugar and water.

Ages:Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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