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eeBoo Double-Sided Pencils Jumbo, Metallic & Fluorescent

(eeBoo $8.99 a set)

Who wouldn’t love a set of these wonderful double-sided color pencils! For older preschoolers and kindergarteners, jumbo-sized pencils are easier and less tiring for kids as they develop the fine tuning in their little finger and hand muscles. You have two choices in the jumbo size: a set of six with 6 metallic colors on one side and 6 fluorescent colors on the other side; or look for a set of six that gives them 12 colors. They‘ll have all the basic colors plus a variety of hues-two kinds of greens, two kinds of blue, pink, purple, lavender—you get the idea. Along with drawing fun, practicing letters will be much more fun with these! Each set comes with a pencil sharpener to fit these jumbo pencils. There are also sets of jumbo doubles packaged to match sketchbooks ($7.99 each) with Under the Sea or Rainforest themes. Paper and pencil sets make a gift that give hours of creative fun they will return to again and again.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2022


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