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eeBoo Picnic Gather Food with Friends Game

(eeBoo $23.99)

Rain or shine, kids can a have a picnic with this game for preschoolers. It comes with a real polka dotted tablecloth. Put the spinner in the middle and put the cut-out game pieces in the box. Let the fun begin. Each player picks a plate and takes turns spinning to collect one of each of the categories: napkin and utensils, a main course, vegetable, fruit, dessert and a drink. But be careful, it’s a picnic and there are ants! If on your turn your spin lands on “ants” you lose your turn. Do it three times and you have ant immunity. First person to collect all the categories wins. With young preschoolers, play this cooperatively or as partners. This is an updated version of a previous Gold Seal Award winner. Marked 3 and up, but likely more fun for older preschoolers.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2023


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