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eeBoo Ready to Learn Dinosaur Glow in the Dark Bones Puzzles

(eeBoo $23.99)

Not one, but four amazing dinosaur puzzles. Put each of the 36-piece puzzles together and then turn off all the lights. Wow! What a show! Their glow-in-the-dark bones magically appear. We built one puzzle at a time on top of the box, which was just big enough to support a carefully carried finished puzzle into a darkened bathroom, where it was truly dark enough for each dinosaur to put on the best show. Before they can even start one puzzle, there is a fun challenge of matching and sorting the backs of the puzzles by their colorful designs. All four puzzles come in one bag. We suggest making a project of putting the look-alike backs into four separate bags. The box says 4 and up, but we’d say this is more like a challenge for older 5s, 6s and even 7s.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2023


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