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Mindware Slappy Camper

(Mindware $19.99)

Our testers loved packing their camper cards with all the “stuff” campers need. In this case, each player has a camper card, as pictured on the back of the box. The Object is to the first to fill your camper. But note: the pieces you need to collect are of different sizes so be careful! How you put the playing pieces on the board that’s where they stay! They can’t be moved. Players take turns but everyone grabs for the matching piece that’s on the card you draw. The first one to slap the matching piece with their marshmallow on a twig gets to take the card. Again, be careful! There are pieces that look the same but the color difference or other details can make all the difference. If you take a non-matching piece you have to give up one of your items. By the end of the game players will be left with limited spaces, so they may be close to full but needing a special size or shape. It’s fast, lively and demands visual discrimination, matching and some strategy to get that camper filled up. Fun! They say 5 and up, we’d say more like 6s and 7s.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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