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Sassy Peek-A-Boo Puzzle

(Sassy $9.99)

This looks like one of the traditional shape-sorters, with three shapes, square, circle and triangle. Each shape is designed with an easy-to-grab knob handle. Each of the three shapes has its own distinctive shape color and texture AND requires dexterity and eye/hand coordination to twist the four sided square into the square hole and three sided triangle into the triangular opening. They fit in a tray with three distinctive animal faces painted as background that players must cover. Three shapes is totally right for beginners. As you play with puzzles like this, use the language that reinforces the many concepts built into this play thing - colors, shapes, and animal names. Talk about the parts of the animal faces, eyes, snout, ears. Talk about the textures of the puzzle pieces and their colors. We don’t suggest talking about all these things at once. This is the kind of toy that they will come back to many times, using it with more sophistication as they grow.

Ages: Infants, SNAP

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2023


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