eeBoo 48 Piece Alphabet Giant Floor Puzzle

(eeBoo $14.99) For children who are learning the alphabet, illustrator, Melissa Sweet has created a bright and playful set of letters and animals that you’ll want to discuss before they begin. Use the illustration on the box to "name and know" the animals pictured. The artist has chosen some creatures that are not exactly well known, so use the opportunity to expand their knowing and naming with creatures like the ibex, the salamander and others. The big puzzle pieces are scaled right for little hands and make it easier for them to fit together. When the big 24 by 36-inch puzzle is assembled try playing an I Spy game…begin by saying “I spy a wild cat with stripes” or “I spy an animal that sw

eeBoo 48 Piece USA Map Giant Floor Puzzle

(eeBoo $14.99) With names of states, their capitols, and iconic images of their products, this giant floor puzzle will be 24 by 36 inches when put together. There’s lots to know and name, look at, and talk about. This is colorful and a great way to get kids started on map skills. The shapes of the states are actually die cut, so that children are getting a sense of the relative sizes and shapes of the states as compared to each other. This is marked for 3 and up, but we think it’s more like a good choice for 5s and up, up, up. Ages: Early School Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

eeBoo 20 Piece Firetruck Puzzle

(eeBoo $5.99) Packed in a little box with a handle, like your old animal cracker box, this 20-piece puzzle actually has big pieces. Put together it's a city street scene with lots of traffic. There's a dog walker jogger, a man with twins in a stroller, a bike rider and many other vehicles that all center on a firetruck with two firefighters and a dog coming around a corner. Amazingly detailed picture to talk about when the pieces are put together. Marked 3 & up. Ages: Preschoolers Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

eeBoo Sloth in a Hurry

(eeBoo $17.99) How’s that title for an oxymoron? It’s the name of a funny game that requires some reading and plenty of action. Players take a WHO card—it might be a knight, a monster, an inchworm or any number of choices. Then they pull a WHAT card that tells them what they are doing—climbing a steep cliff, under a leaking ceiling, or among others—skating for the first time. Now they spin the HOW spinner and have to do the WHO, and WHAT with the HOW, such as in the wind, on the moon, or under water. If the player lands on “Add a Partner” the player to the right draws a WHO card and acts out the same WHAT and HOW cards with the first player. Players act out these three things until the other

eeBoo Give Voice Postcards

(eeBoo $11.99) Not a toy, but a set of 25 postcards to get tweens and teens a voice in voicing their opinion! Getting older children involved, to see their part in civic affairs begins at home. The postcards are printed on one side with messages such as Vote Yes!, I Support Your Position, Vote No!, and Thank You! Printed in red white and blue. Encourage kids to use them locally or send them to Washington. Considering that 18 year olds get to vote, we really love the idea of teaching tweens and teens social civic responsibility early on. Ages: Tweens, Teens Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

eeBoo Things I Know Little Dominoes

(eeBoo $9.99) These picture dominoes are small in scale, in fact small enough to fit in a travel bag with a rubber band around them. Slip them in your handbag and pull them out on a long flight or in a restaurant while waiting for dinner. A good game for stretching vocabulary. The images by illustrator, Monika Forsberg are playful rather than photographic. A fun way to grow their matching and knowing and naming skills. 3 & up. Ages: Preschoolers Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

eeBoo Dinosaurs Little Matching and Memory Game

(eeBoo $9.99) Dinosaur lovers will like playing a concentration matching game with the 18 pairs of dinos in this game. The playing pieces are small enough to fit in a baggie and carry along on a flight or take out in a restaurant while you are waiting for food. These kinds of games develop beginning matching and memory, basic skills needed for beginning reading. Aside from the name labels, that kids often love to repeat, this is a good game for talking about the differences between the dinos pictured—the ones that walk on four legs vs two, the ones with spikes or sails or wings. You might go on and look up which ones were meat eaters and which were plant eaters. Marked 3 & up. Ages: Preschoo

eeBoo Noisy Bug Activity Toy

(eeBoo $24.99) A jolly six-legged bug in multiple bright colors with crinkle, jingle and squeaky sounds. Made of extra soft velour plush, it has a tiny mirror on both sides and an easy to grab fabric handle on top. You can use this for tracking games with a newborn or hang it on the stroller for gazing. Eventually, the best fun will be when baby can handle this cute bug for two handed explorations. Newborns and up Ages: Infants Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018 Click here to shop this product on Amazon

Janod Happy Birthday Puzzle

(Janod $16.00) Going to a birthday party? Here’s a gift any birthday girl or boy will relish. It’s a giant 36-piece puzzle featuring a birthday party with cake, balloons, and kids having a celebration. The finished puzzle is a almost 20” x 16” and the cardboard pieces are big and easier for little hands to fit together. What’s new here is a paper mat that is a replica of the puzzle, so for starters, kids can match the puzzle pieces to the mat. Since the puzzle is shaped like a house the puzzle mat will be helpful the first few times. Kids like to do their puzzles more than once. Eventually they will be able to do this one without the mat, perhaps using the image on the box as the only guide

How to Fight Off Post-Holiday School Slump

Are you kids suffering from a post-holiday slump now that they're back in school? Here are some games to freshen up some of those school skills with fun games for family time. Here are a few fun ways to connect: PlayMonster Qwitch Playmonster $12 An updated version of a popular card game that calls for quick thinking with both numbers and alphabet. Players race to be the first to play a matching card or a letter or number that is more or less that the one on the top of the pile with letters and numbers. The plus, minus, and equal card on the other pile indicates which way the play has to go. It’s a race to the finish as players try to be first to get rid of all their cards. Comes in a sturdy

Roller Coaster Challenge

(Think Fun $29.95) Our testers loved this latest brainteaser from ThinkFun where you are challenged to build a working rollercoaster to get the little red car from the starting point to the finish. A hands-on engineering experience that makes for a great parent-child game. Each challenge card tells you which pieces you'll need to complete the task -- and as with all ThinkFun games -- the challenges go from easy to hard. Our game testers breezed through the easy cards but then were super challenged when they got to the higher levels but were thrilled each time they successfully built the rollercoaster. Ages: Tweens and Teens Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award 2017 Click here to purch

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