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Sassy Zoomin' Zoo Train Set

(Sassy $29.99) Platinum Award

We liked the simplicity and play-ability of this little plastic train. An engine and two flatcars can be joined together and tots can load and unload the colorful blocks that can be stacked on the cars. The sensory blocks have rattle sounds that will interest young players. Each block comes with a small tray to hold the blocks and holds it in place. Of course, putting the small tray in place calls for more dexterity and maybe some help for the first however many times.

SNAP: A good choice for encouraging eye-hand skills and dexterity along with dramatic play.Use color words as you handle the blocks to reinforce language and concepts. Use them for stacking and a singing game to the tune of Skip to My Lou:

"Mommy found the yellow block, the yellow block, the yellow block, Mommy found the yellow let's find the blue."

Ages: Toddlers. Award Year 2015.

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