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Playmobil Sports Action NHL Hockey Arena

(Playmobil $59.99)

We’ve had miniature hockey arenas with action players in the past. This set is an update with lots of action, some of it more direct than in earlier versions. It comes with two goalies and two players with moveable arms and hockey sticks. You pull back the lever to make the stick swing and hit the puck. The goalies defend with their own sticks as you move them from side to side to block every play. Kids can customize each player to represent favorite NHL teams with decals. The set comes with four NHL players (two per team), three hockey pucks, game play rules booklet, player number decals, logo decals for all 30 NHL teams, score-keeping slide rule, and other accessories. Marked 5’s and up, however, this is not something 5’s can put together. There are lots of small pieces that need fine motor skills and will likely need an adult with patience to get it assembled. There are extra players and a Zamboni machine that you can add to this.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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