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eeBoo Rattle Rattle Butterfly, Dinosaur, Squirrel, Bird, or Star

(eeBoo $14.99 each)

Soft to the touch these plush rattles are embroidered in folk style patterns of hearts, stars, leaves and flowers. They are multicolored for eye appeal and easy to grasp since they are slightly under-stuffed for little hands to grasp. Best of all they have soft, muted rattle sounds that will not startle the littlest babe in arms. The butterfly will be easy for baby’s small hands to hold. Both the beautifully embroidered bird and star also have a lot of appeal for touch and sound. Squirrel and Dino have less embroidery and their soft bodies are also extra easy to grasp. All of the soft Rattles in the collection have loops so they can be hung on the bars of a playmat or on the stroller.

Ages: infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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