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Lego Friends Heartlake Hospital

(LEGO $131.99)

Our testers loved all the details, the big and little things that came with this miniature hospital setting. It’s a three-story module-build with see through walls; sections make it easier to assemble and rearrange. Ready for every kind of emergency, there’s a helicopter, stretcher, wheelchair and x-ray machine. Testers loved the baby nursery, the x-ray room with revolving scanner and lightbox and skeleton. Seems like the designer left nothing out—casts for fractures, sliding doors, vending machine, water cooler, fish tank…you name it. There are three figures plus a baby for the nursery. It comes with a bunch of stickers that kids can apply (with some help form guess who?) The doctor in this setting is female as is the nurse. In this set the boy is a patient. There are a number of extra builds that add to the dramatic play value. The ambulance with working doors and gurney which allows kids to transport patients. A big build that will turn into a miniature play setting for dramatic play, language development, and social or social play.7 & up.

SNAP For kids who have to make regular visits to hospitals for therapy or evaluation, this is a good setting for working through some anxiety as well as giving children some sense of control over often scary places they must visit. Pre-playing a forthcoming visit and talking calmly about what is going to happen can reduce some of the natural angst kids have to deal with frequently.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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