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Mayka Construction Tape

(Mayka $8 and up)

Add a new dimension to LEGO and other plastic building bricks with strips of pliable self-adhesive tape. Kids can build upside down, vertically, across the floor, along windowsills, any which way. We’re not suggesting using it on a painted or wallpapered wall, so you will have to set the limits as to where it can go. The tape comes in many colors and can be cut and used side by side to make a wider track. Kids will have their own creative ideas on how to use it and extend the life of their building bricks. This is compatible with all types of bricks. Depending on the length and width of tape you select, the price will vary. You'll find single packs for as little as $8 or choose a mixed pack of four colors with two stud tape or a twin pack of 4 stud tape. A good stocking stuffer or small gift for LEGO builders.

Ages:Preschoolers, Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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