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Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Explorer AR

(Oregon Scientific $139)

We’ve tested a lot of talking globes over the years but we have to say, this is the most impressive yet! It’s not just a globe that talks, it opens and one half show the interior of earth with it’s many layers while the other half shows the solar system and both are interactive, giving facts with a touch of the rocket shaped pen. Our adult tester, a devoted map reader, found the maps to be far better than most and he loved the fact that you can get updates on the Smart Globe app as maps do change often. The information can be selected for different age groups. The easiest for 5-8s, next for 9-14 and then 15 & up. You can find out what time it is in any country of the world and time zones are built into the information. Similarly, you can find out about the weather in each country and play the national anthem, learn the capital and population and so much more. There is a smaller interactive U.S. Map for learning the capitals, population and such. Opening the globe is a little tricky and probably will require the help of an adult, but for younger users, stick to the outside of the globe. You can also use the app for games and updates that will keep your Smart Globe smart as time and geographic details change. There's a lot to learn with this excellent resource that will be used for many years in ever-growing ways.

Ages: Early School, Tweens & Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award 2017

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