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Blue Orange Kitty Bitty Game

Set up for this colorful game takes some fine motor skill, but kids who love cats are going to enjoy playing. The wooden playing pieces consist of two tone cat faces, knitting yarn playing pieces that are placed around the faces as the playing board, eyes (some with a kitten on the back and some without) and two-colored dice. Players put their wooden cat playing piece on a “ basket” disk and take turns tossing the dice. They must find the mother cat with the same colors as the dice thrown. Then, pick up one eye on that cat face. If there is a kitten on back the player cannot move forward. If the back of the eye is blank the player moves forward on the yarn balls. The game not only calls for color matching, but dexterity in lifting the eyes, since they playing pieces are small and may be difficult for some younger players without fine motor skills. That said, this might encourage them to use those little fingers and develop those skills. Marked 4 and up.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Younger Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018

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