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Playmobil Mission Rocket with Launch Site

(Playmobil $69.99)

Get ready for countdown! Years ago this would have been found in the Boys Toys aisle. Not anymore! We're happy to report there are both a male and a female astronaut play figures assigned to this mission! It's is a gender neutral construction set and play setting for boys and girls alike. Check every detail as the crew works on the maintenance platform. Get the astronauts seated in the cockpit. Ready for their journey into space! It’s all AOK as the countdown begins, the rockets roar, lights flash and the thrusters lift the rocket up, up,! What a vehicle for pretend. But here's the deal—before anything happens an adult builder is going to spend considerable time putting this wonder together. Although the box says 6+, there's next to nothing a six-year old can do with this construction set, except perhaps help you find the pieces and ask repeatedly, ”Is it done yet?” That said, this is a true beauty of a mini-setting that will be enjoyed for dramatic play by young aspiring astronauts, by both girls and boys. You may want to build a good part or all of it in advance or plan for this to be a parent child project. For lights and sounds you'll need 2 AA batteries. We’d say older kids of 8 or 9 might like helping with the construction, but the skills required for assembling are way beyond younger kids who might otherwise love this and Playmobil's other new space settings, such as the Mars Mission Space Station, that go with this take-off fantasy.

Ages: Older Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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