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Mudpuppy Animal Kingdom 100-Piece Double Sided Puzzle

(Mudpuppy $16.99)

Good fun! Your get two Animal Kingdoms for the price of one with this double-sided 100-piece puzzle. The pale green background pieces feature colorful animals, mostly from jungle and tropical regions: a parrot, peacock, tiger, crocodile, toucan, flamingo, tropical fish, insects and more. The lavender

backed side features black and white creatures from all over the world—zebra, panda, penguin, cow, raccoon, skunk, and more.

First things first, turn all the pieces to the same background color (also, note: one side is glossy and the other is matte.) Next, show beginners how to build the frame with the straight edge pieces. With 100–pieces, this is a nice step-up puzzle for older 6s -7s and 8s. It’s challenging but rewarding. When complete the image will be 22” x 16.5.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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