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Mattel Matchbox Airport

(Mattel $34.99)

A mini setting with plenty of car action as well as flights. There’s an airfield with flashing lights on the runway for arriving aircraft and on the other side of the field, the car setting with ramps and roadways for arriving and departing cars. Ramps, security barriers that lift, even a check in place to deliver passengers with electronic announcements about departing flights. It’s a small setting, but one with potential for dramatic play for kids in the matchbox zone. Also, kids can connect this set to their other Matchbox Action Drivers playsets and Hot Wheels City sets. This is more detailed than a preschool wooden airport setting. A better choice for slightly older kids. Takes three AAA batteries.

Ages:Older preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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