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Spinmaster Coolmaker PopStyle Bracelet Maker

(Spinmaster $24.99)

We loved the magic of this clever device that makes bracelets without needing to knot the ends of strings. You put the special rubbery bands on the teeth of the “machine” put the beads on the stretched bands and hit the popper on top and MAGIC! A bracelet! The kit comes with colored beads, golden ones, and tiny stick-on letters to add to the beads. Make them with two or three beads between each of the spokes and the bracelet will be bigger or smaller. The plastic Bracelet Maker has storage space below for extra beads and comes with a good supply of 170 beads, 22 elastic bands ( which can be reused) and more than enough supplies to make ten bracelets. They warn not to use rubber bands, but only the kind provided in the kit. 7 and up. We think 7s will need help threading the bands onto the machine and maybe with the dexterity needed for clipping the beads onto the bands. We think it’s a better bet for 8s and 9s.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023


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