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Play-Doh Crazy Cuts

(Hasbro $14.99)

Of course, you had play-doh, one of the classic art supplies for preschoolers then and now. Just a set of play-doh containers will provide hours of fun to roll into snakes, shape into balls, pound into pancakes. This modeling doh not only satisfies the preschoolers love of experimenting with materials they can shape, it helps develop muscles in the hands and fingers, allowing kids to poke and pinch to their heart's content. Preschoolers may name their creations, but they are more interested in the action than the end product. Chances are you also had a set that looked a lot like this old favorite play-doh hair styling kit. But, wait! We bet your set did not have the option for a Mohawk haircut. For the 21st century child, this updated classic comes with a three thimble heads, six cans of play-doh, a scissors for trimming and a tall barber chair with a crank that turns and makes the clients hair grow. It's a fun toy that many children will enjoy returning to often. For some, it's also a way to role play and work through feelings and fears about sitting in the barber's chair. Turning the crank calls for some muscle power and choice making, too. 3 & up

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award 2015

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