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Peaceable Kingdom Busy Busy Bake Shop Game

(Mindware $20.99)

The Busy Busy Bake Shop is full of donuts! Some chocolate, some pink, some yellow. The object of this game is to match up 4 donuts in a row before a pesty mouse runs off with three of them. Players throw three dice and one tells the color of the icing, another shows the color of the donut and the third on must say Yum! But watch out; one die has a mouse! Players must match up the different flavors of donuts with the ones on the playing board. But if you roll a mouse, the mouse gets your donut!Players will like using the tongs to pick up the donuts. In this cooperative game players work together toplace 4 donuts in a row before the mouse runs off with 3 donuts! This calls for matching up two attributes...color and trims and simple counting. Comes with 1 game board, 16 wooden donuts, 1 mouse, 2 donut dice, 1 mouse dice, 1 pair of donut tongs and instructions. A fun way to reinforce matching skills, fine motor skills, dealing with two attributes, and simple counting. Marked 4 and up, we think it will work well with mixed ages, especially on the “up” side of 4—say 5s and 6s.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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